Construction of the New 125,000 Gal. Tank is Complete!

Construction for the new tank took place from February- July 2021. The tank was filled the first week in June. The final step was to put a pavement overlay on the driveway. The new tank was brought online July 16 2021.

Completed  NEW 125,000 gallon tank (Tank 2) sitting adjacent to the old 150,000 gallon tank (Tank 1.) Together both tanks supply the entire service area with enough water for regular use and fire suppression.

New Terminus Booster Pump required to deliver water to members next to the tank.

New pavement overlay to allow service vehicles to access the tank site safely in the future.

Tank with 3rd ring completed, view looking northeast on May 27th.

Assembling third ring on tank, view looking west on May 27th

Assembling tank floor, view looking west on May 26th.

Newly poured concrete footing for new tank on May 13.

Compacting dirt under footing for new tank on April 20.

Excavator and loader excavating site for new tank on April 15.