Your Water Bill

Your water bill is made up of two parts, water usage, and assessment. Water usage is billed monthly based on the amount of water used, and is captured by your water meter. Water usage revenue funds all of the operations costs for the company.   The assessment is a flat fee paid monthly.  Water assessment fees fund all of the capital expenditures for the company.

Water Billing Rates

0-10,000 gal. billed at  $5.75/1,000 gal.

10,001-20,000 gal. billed at $7.00/1,000 gal.

20,00 l-40,000gal. billed at $9.25/1,000 gal.

Over 40,001 gal. billed at $11.50/1 ,000 gal

Assessment Fees

Most members pay an assessment of $65 monthly.  Members on Crystal Hill and Terminus pay an assessment of $85 to fund the additional booster pump that serves only them.  All buildable lots pay the monthly assessment.

Save a Tree!

Online Billing  and Electronic Payments are Available Now!!!

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