Your Water System


The South Kaweah Mutual Water Company (SKMWC) was formed for the primary purpose of providing and delivering an adequate supply of water to it’s members for domestic use and fire protection.  The water company is owned and largely operated its members.  Water is sold at cost (no profit) and the revenues fund operations, repairs and replacement of equipment.

SKMWC was formed in 1962 to provide water service the north half of Cherokee Oaks. The adjoining 3R Mutual Water Company was formed in about 1970; it served Tulare County more or less the south half of Cherokee Oaks. The two mutual water companies merged in 1993, continuing under the name of SKMWC. Since the 1993 merger, SKMWC has served most of the houses in Cherokee Oaks except those on Meadow Dr. and those on the east end of Oak Ridge Dr. SKMWC is organized as a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation under California law.

As specified in the company’s bylaws, one certificate of membership was issued for each of the lots in our service area. Every person who owns one of those certificates is considered a member of our corporation. When there is a membership meeting, corporation members have the right to one vote per certificate owned.  All Members have the right to run for election to the board of directors, and or serve as a volunteer on a committee.

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